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Marvinauts- It's been a bumpy few days for the charts. When you're trying to colonize Mars, you're bound to find a few haters (just ask Elon). Not to worry, the team has seen this many times before and we know how to get through it.

It appears someone has been purposefully manipulating the charts and causing fake FUD. We have decided to update taxes back to an older version of 8% on Buys and 12% on Sells.

Marvin is at a huge discount right now for all of our Asian Marvinauts that have been joining us and we want to welcome them with green candles on the charts. While we can't stop bad actors from selling, they can help us continue our Mars mission by feeding the marketing wallet.

Keep your eyes on the chat and help new Marvinauts feel good about their investment. The team also has a few surprises we'll be sharing soon.

LFG Marvinauts!!! 🚀🚀🚀
How's it going Marvinauts? Hope you all are good. We agree that the hasty decision to increase the tax to previous default was denied by many from our community. We apologize for this action and non deliverance, things are expected to move smoothly but definitely taking longer than expected.

As we know, Marvin is a community owned project and if decisions are not supported by community then it shouldn't be converted into an action.

From day 1, our main motive was to develop most decentralized project ever but unfortunately we lost track and from here, we are setting up a DAO group with our whales, community leaders and people connected to the project from day 1. Moving together in a united and confident manner, we might achieve not only achieve billions in market cap but also trillions.

According to feedbacks from our whales: Marvin has various utilities incoming without any doubt but there isn't an exclusive thing that never been introduced in crypto space.

1. We really think there's something that can be introduced into Marvin and can lead it to mass adoption. This will be discussed in the DAO group today.

2. P2E can be the game changer for Marvin if developed as an exciting and addictive game instead of a worthless P2E. We are working on its Vision and excited to share with everyone Asap.

3. Marvin chart is bottomed out and only way from here is up if we fix things that are looking bad from outside of the project. Will listen to each and every concern from community and it must and will be fixed for sure.

These all things will be kept in mind while working accordingly to make Marvin your safest investment.

#YesToDecentralization and let's put a stop on this falling chart.

I always deliver what I promise.

Marvinauts- hear this, I am going to Mars. If you want to come, there’s a 110% chance I will change your life. Gamblers need not apply, I only ride with investors.

We’ve just completed staking and it’s ready for any serious investor who wants to build real wealth. A huge shoutout to the dev team and their hard work. Marvin will succeed because of the dedicated and driven team that works tirelessly to deliver on our promises.

If you’re still doubting Marvin, me, or the team… It’s time to get off the ride. We don’t want you here. This community is the best in crypto and there’s no room for non-believers.

Marvinauts are you with me!? Let’s. Fucking. Go.

Marvinauts, your resolve and commitment to the project is incredible. We appreciate everyone who's continued to trust us to deliver. Mars is inevitable.

Below is a quick overview of the farming/staking pools.

1. Stake $MARVIN/BNB to earn $KNIGHT and sell that for profits.

2. Put your $KNIGHT into a raid pool to earn your choice of tokens, including $MARVIN.

These options allow you to continue filling your $MARVIN bag or diversify your bag. Whichever fits your goals and investing strategy.

There will be no single sided staking of $MARVIN for now. We've seen too many projects do this wrong and ruin a project. The core teams first responsibility is the protection of Marvin and the Mars mission.

The approach we're taking will 👇

Help stabilize price by increasing funds in the liquidity pool. This will create more volume and bring in more rocket fuel for development. 🚀

Expose Marvin to a whole new community of $KNIGHT investors who want long term profits and like to hold their bags.

Giving rewards in $KNIGHT will ensure no gamblers think they can make a quick buck and dump the charts.

And of course, all of you faithful Marvinauts who are true investors can continue making profits with Marvin while you hold.

For a detailed breakdown of how to stake/farm, our good friends over at $KNIGHT have a great step-by-step walkthrough for you.


Check it out here >>>


This is Marvin and there is no other option but Mars. Who is with us!?
Forwarded from Doc Kev
will be a slight delay, Marvin Inu team has done everything they need to, the delay will be on Knight Swap side. Bear with us as we get everything in order 😉
🗡🛡 Marvin Inu Joins the Order 🛡🗡

Not your standard meme coin?

Marvin Inu is bringing the utility with staking, P2E gaming, launchpad, & NFTs with their own NFT marketplace!

Now that sounds like a metaverse invasion plan.


🏦 Pair your $MARVIN with $BNB to make LP

👨‍🌾 Deposit your LP to farm $KNIGHT

🗡 Put your $KNIGHT into our high-yield $MARVIN raid

📚 Not sure how to do something above?

📩 Discord for technical support
Certik Audit Update - Detailed Explanation

We saw a lot of questions come up regarding the Certik audit. To clear up any confusion we did a detailed breakdown of each finding and what it means for the contract.

TL;DR: Certik doesn't have a score. We have no major issues. Mars is inevitable.

Check it out >
Hey Marvinauts! 🐶👽

We know the market is one heck of a ride at the moment and waiting could be boring, but we Martians know its quiet before the storm!

In the meantime we added some extra LP and did Buybacks for raising & stabilizing the floor on both BSC and ETH! ❤️

8 BNB and 1.0 ETH into Liquiidity

Bsc :


4BNB + 0.5ETH_ Buyback 18th May



4BNB + 0.5ETH_ Buyback 19th May



#Burn function will remain stop to avoid unnecessary inflation of price during these volatile days and while we use funds for fixing the LP.

We luv you frens! Mars is still truly inevitable 🚀
Oh Goodie Marvinauts !🐶🪖

While our community is making tremendous noise on social media, we know #MarvinInu is for the people! So we are using community funds wisely and we will start injecting to the LP on the daily now🤩

$Marvin just added another 8 #BNB and 1 #ETH to the LP! ❤️

Thanks for staying loyal Marvinauts, you rock! 🚀



Hey frens! 🐶

What a lovely weekend!🤩 Marvin is enjoying every bit of it.
While it looks like the market is slowly recovering bit by bit, it is finally starting to reflect on the rest of mankind🌍

Marvin saw a beautiful opportunity for another LP injection😏

The invasion continues as usual and many new Marvinauts are born every day, while the Marvin Army is absolutely killing it on socials!🪖

The work continues and it’s just a matter of time untill Marvin is the shooting star of the century💫



Marvinauts - More liquidity added and more green candle sticks!

Keep being the best community in crypto and moving the Mars mission forward. We couldn't do it without you.

More liquidity added 1 ETH & 8 BNB. Who's ready for another beautiful buy wall?

We appreciate your patience as the team is working hard behind the scenes getting the ship ready. We'll be back soon with some more awesome updates.

Have a great day everyone! 🚀🚀🚀
Marvinauts - Do you want to learn how to build real wealth? 💰💰💰

With our recent partnership with KnightSwap, there’s a whole new ecosystem for Marvinauts to grow their wealth. Frank Wally will be hosting an education series twice a week reviewing the Wolf Den’s Base Case strategy that KnightSwap was created for.

Staking your Marvin is only the first step, there's so much more that's possible with this strategy.

Nic (the founder) is an incredibly smart human who created a great series explaining how he thinks about investing and building wealth using KnightSwap. If you want to learn how this strategy can help you reach your goals while lowering risk, this is a must-watch.

We will have calls twice a week, each day will have two separate sessions to best accommodate all time zones. Calls will be recorded and turned into Medium articles for those who cannot join live.

DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS IN THE CHAT THEY WILL GET LOST. There is a link at the end of the GDoc for you to submit any questions.

Please check out the GDoc for further details and instructions. Link in the doc to vote on a preferred time.