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Hey Marvinauts!

We know times can look though, but to assure you guys, that Marvin team isn’t going anywhere with community funds. We’ve extended our manually added LP on Unicrypt for another year! 🎉

Marvin luvs AWL for staying loyal Martians🐶

Marvin to mars is still inevitable 🚀🌕
Marvin farms on knightswap has expired and will remain Temporarily down till NFT minting.

Hopefully we might be able to introduce farms on ERC aswell.

Buckle up Marvinauts 👽, our rocket is almost ready for another take-off 🚀
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Hey Martians! Marvin wants to have some fun while we are waiting for the end of this week👀


🚨 Starting NOW! 🚨
Ends at 11Am EST August 11

➡️48hr Competition
➡️5 x 10 million $MARVIN’s.

Become a tiktok SUPERSTAR! ⭐️

Show us your (best) moves
Do something viral
Make amazing content

⁃ Real life content
⁃ Marvin must be included
⁃ Get creative
⁃ Tag your favourite projects

Post links to videos in main @marvininuofficial

Goodluck Marvin Army 👽
Spread the word out 🚀
Marvin still conquering the charts at 🐶🚀🌕 #1
Hey Marvinauts!🐶

We know it’s been the talk of the week, and many are getting really excited for the upcoming Marvin AMA.

While the exact date and time isn’t announced yet, you guys at least have an idea who will be there, what we will do and discuss.

See you then Marvin Army!
Very little preview about the upcoming game designed by @sir_kikai. The nft release will come in 3 layers that is why its so complicated and time consuming but it will be very valuable once fully released. We will try to give smaller update on the daily basis about the nft, game, and marketplace
Marvinauts - The Next Phase Begins!

We'd like everyone to give a big shoutout and thank you to Kyle for his help with Marvin. We wish him the best of luck on his next adventure.

To be clear, Kyle's role was only that as an advisor. The day to day operations, development and marketing of Marvin were handled by the rest of the core team and will continue as planned.

We know you've been anxious for the NFTs and we are almost there. We don't want to be another meme project that just launches pretty pictures. There are a few technical details we're working through and finishing up to make sure our NFTs are able to be used in our upcoming game.

As I'm sure you've all started to notice, Crypto is on the verge of picking back up and we're excited about what we have planned for the rest of the year to take advantage of the turnaround. Remember, we're still here today because of everyone believing in the mission.

Because of your continued efforts across social media, Marvin continues to grow and putting us in a great position to take advantage of the last quarter of the year.

Who's ready for blast off?

We know you guys have been patiently waiting for an exact timeframe for the upcoming Marvin AMA.

So we are more then happy to announce that we will be holding it on the 26th this month at 8 AM CST.

Lets go Marvin army, time to gather your space gear and buckle up while we get closer to our destination. MARS!

See you then Marvinauts! 🚀
The bossy dog 😎 is back to trendings 🔫
Call starting in 4 minutes everyone. Hope to see you there. We'll be recording for anyone who can't join live.
Marvinauts before we get into the next phase and share with you everything we've been working on we have some bad news to share.

Earlier this week we learned that KiKai is no longer with us. He passed due to complications from his accident last week. We ask that you respect his family's privacy during this difficult time by refraining from additional questions relating to his passing.

We know many of you have been touched or inspired by KiKai in many profound ways and understand many of you will mourn his loss with us. We encourage you to share any memories or stories you have from knowing KiKai in the main chat. We are sure his family would be honored to know how big of an impact he has made on all of us.

Rest assured, the rest of the team is more determined than ever to send Marvin lightyears beyond Mars. We will be taking over the galaxy for KiKai and immortalizing his name for generations to come.

His vision is alive and well and we'd like to invite you to help us make that a reality.

This has been the cause of our absence the past week. We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can continue the Mars mission and KiKai's vision.

We are reworking some of the NFTs and launch to help his family during this difficult time and ensure that moving forward Marvin will be able to continue taking care of them like KiKai did while he was alive.
Marvinauts - AMA Recap and The Future of Marvin

First, thank you everyone for the support and love you showed on today's call with the news of KiKai's passing. Marvin has the best community and crypto and your support in this difficult time means more than we can express in words.

Have no doubt, the Marvin team is more determined than ever to take over the galaxy and immortalize KiKai's vision.

BSC Taxes are back to normal.
8% Buy Tax | 12% Sell Tax

NFT Launch Plans Are Moving Forward.

🚀 Final edits of 2D NFTs and preparations to complete KiKai's work are in motion.

He's done an incredible job honoring KiKai's vision, sneak peaks can be found in the pinned messages or by clicking the links below.


2D NFT collection will have 3,333 NFTs

Mint 1: 777 Exclusive Genesis NFTs
These NFTs will include additional utility and beta access to the upcoming P2E game and will be minted at a higher price.

▫️ Exclusive Genesis closed chat in Discord
▫️ Free 3D upgrade if you hold 2 Genesis NFTs
▫️ Genesis NFTs will be the first ones included in the game and first access given to holders.

50 1/1 NFTs will be released for auction.


Mint 2: 1000 NFTs for whitelisted wallets ONLY
Make sure to join the Discord and secure your whitelist spot.

Mint 3: Remaining NFTs will then be open for public sale.


With recent events we are reworking NFT revenue allocation to help out KiKai's family during this time. Full details will be shared in Discord.

We will be launching a new NFT website with mintpad in preparation for the next phase of the Marvin mission. This will included an updated Rocket Paper for our new and bigger Mars mission.


Bitmart and Staking are on hold until after minting completes to allow total focus on making an incredible launch that will have everyone buzzing about Marvin. 😎


Full NFT launch plan is being finalized, you can expect

🚀 Twitter Spaces & Discord AMAs
🚀 Discord & Twitter meme, games and fan art contests for exclusive early access to minting.
🚀 Collaborations with influencers & projects to spread the Marvin Mars Mission to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Make sure to join Discord ASAP, get familiar with our server and start inviting all of your friends so they don't miss this epic event!

👉👉👉 👈👈👈

Whitelist spots will be in high demand so start now to ensure you secure your spot before they run out.

Marvin's mission is bigger and more important than ever. There is no other option than a complete takeover of the cryptoverse. We are the best meme project and it's time to make sure the whole world knows.

We are Marvinauts and will overcome any obstacle that tries to get in our way. Help us honor KiKai's vision and mission by spreading the word far and wide that Marvin is here to stay and ready for blast off.
If you haven't joined Discord yet make sure you do that soon and start working on your whitelist spot. >

NFTs are progressing well with the new designer. When he have more details to share we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, fill up Discord, take over social media and make sure everyone knows the coolest NFT launch of the year is on the horizon.
Marvinauts - Announcing our first WL Giveaway! 10 Winners get WL and $30

Let's start building some hype for the upcoming NFT launch. Everyone needs to know Marvin is about to blast off. For helping spread the word, we want to make sure you get first dibs on NFTs so here's what you need to do to get whitelisted.

Entry :

1. Join our Discord >
2. Retweet this tweet >
3. Invite friends to discord with your own invite link.
4. Make at least one tweet a day with #marvinnft (more is better 😏)

Contest begins on Sept 17 and will run for 7 days. This launch is going to be out of this galaxy, you DO NOT want to miss out on this one. Whitelist spots will be limited so make sure you get your spot early.

Contest winners will be announced on September 25th.
NFT Education Series Lesson 1 is being re-recorded due to some technical issues. It will be re-uploaded asap.